Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music in the Highlands creates Unity in Music

By: Edwin B. Lasquite

Outreach Performances reach Municipality of Talaingod
By: Edwin B. Lasquite of City Information Office/ Music City Gazette

A glimpse of heavenly music that communicates culture and promotes international friendship. No need to go far to have a taste of the different cultural performance of stringed and plucked instruments of the different performing art groups.

The 3rd Internationa Rondalla Festival in the City of Tagum brought music to the highland Municipality of Talingod, Davao del Norte that made it all possible for us to experience a remarkable performance. When the group arrived, school children waved their flaglets, others wore traditional Ata-Manobo costumes as they performed a tribal dance as welcome to the delegates and guests.

The gym was packed with indigenous people, government officials and local residents. Thrilled and grateful for the chance to be visited by International performing groups and to get a taste of there was a real treat.

The PERFORMERS - Music in the Highlands creates Unity in Music.

The Musikahan Outreach program in the Municipality of Talingod was graced by prolific and a dynamic Rondalla Groups- China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra Plucked and Strings from Beijing, China, Roohtaf of India, Philippines Normal College University Rondalla of Manila, Philippines and Tagum City’s pride the Tagum City National Comprehensive High School, Tagum City, Philippines.

The PERFORMERS Philippines and India - Music in the Highlands creates Unity in Music.

We don’t regularly get the chance to see a live performance of foreign performances and it’s always fascinating to see them up-close, hearing their clean-sounding instruments. It sound sweet, soft and slow to sharp, deep loud and fast. All in all, it’s amazing how music from half way around the globe could miraculously fit and shared to the with people in Talaingod.

City Information Office
Rotary Park and Sport Center
8100 City of Tagum

Nonetheless, judging from what my era gathered these multi-cultural music is impressive, interesting, clever and truly unique. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Exploring Tagum through Trayxi


By: Edwin B. Lasquite

Tagum City can be explored in an hour, the local style. The city may not boast of a taxi, but it can take pride of its “trayxi” – short for tricycle. 

The tricycle operator and driver in action

Don’t sweat a lot. Just make a call to any of our tourism officer to get the numbers of our available tricycle driver. And with just one text message, the especially selected tricycle will be right at your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

 You don’t have to spend much. With just P100 per person, you are now ready to take a bold step in the city’s landmarks and tourist spots. But you don’t have to travel alone. Enjoy the company of your three friends because the tricycle can accommodate as much as four people.
Start your journey to the Rotary Park – the center for sports activities and physical fitness. It is the only inland beach volleydrome in Mindanao.
Then head to the Public Market where you can find the best fresh fruits in season like mango, watermelon, pomelo, pineapple and even the king of all fruits – Durian. After tasting our fresh fruits, you can now see the best public cemetery in the Philippines at Brgy. La Filipina. You won’t think it’s a graveyard at first glance. It’s a park after all.
Go now to our city’s motor pool where you can see how the city government assembles their own material for infrastructure. This is the reason why the city is so progressive. It makes its own raw materials.
Several kilometers away is the New City Hall. Iconic is most appropriate word to describe new city hall, the only one of its kind in the Philippines. Then proceed to Brgy. Apokon where you can find the 28-hectare Energy Park which houses national government and regional center agencies, camp site, park and football field.

Group photo of the taxi operators and drivers with the city tourism council chair Madam Alma Uy the One who authored the said trayxi-short for tricycle and taxi

You may drop by at the Banana Chips Plantation where you can munch the import-quality snacks. Then take a short while as you head towards the New Christ the King Cathedral where you can feel at home at the biggest basilica in Mindanao. Larger than life religious structures and sculptures welcome you. Then witness the Guinness World Record holder as the biggest rosary in the world.
Pass by the old City Hall to take a glimpse at the park where the gigantic Christmas Tree was erected every December. Then you may purchase Tagum-made goodies and souvenir items to take home with you. Finally, end your hour-journey with a meditation at the Regina Rosary where you can see directly the angelic eyes of Mother Mary.

City Tourism Council Chair Madam Alma Uy the authored of the Tagum City tour plan helped the driver in the installation of the tarpaulin with the operators.

Your journey is worth more than a hundred. What’s more important is you are safe and secure because these tricycle drivers were trained by the Department of Tourism. They can even talk to you in simple English if you are not familiar with the local dialect. But take note! There are only thirty of them. So grab your chance now.

The group in the Wacky moments.

Edwin B. Lasquite, MM
City Government of Tagum
Rotary Park and Sports Center
8100 Tagum City
Tel No. (084) 400-3381

I had the change to met this friendly,accommodating trayxi drivers.

Group photo of the taxi operators and drivers with the Davao Bloggers.