Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo Safari in Tagum City

I've known Tagum City for a long time already.
For the Bus stop,business trip,but never as a place to relax,chill-out.
My perspective in Tagum City change.Last January 16-17,2010.
When I was 1st year high School I was a trans fee student,in Tagum City but only for 1 week in school there.
(Anyway it's different story to tell,it's a long story).

Back in the Tagum City.
It was my 1st time to join a Photo Safari.
With fellow Bloggers,and photographers.
And I'm so privileged to be part of this Official Photo safari..

Day 1.
Orientation at Shark At the speedboat restaurant.
while orientation and briefing was done by Mr. Edwin Lasquite,
Information Officer II, what will be the content of the 2 day activities.

1st time to experience the boat riding,going to the Mangrove,and floating restaurant.

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  1. nice photo anj, put some more and a little info for the blog hoppers to read =)